Hi welcome everyone, I have an idea for a fairly quick campaign that I think is fun and interesting. Located by *UMKC Kansas City MO__, looking for people in the surrounding area to get a group of say 4 people to find a common place and get to gaming.
-Depending on the number of people Character level will be between 6-8
-Can meet in person (preferably) but could also play over the internet through chat forms and/or skype.
-Hoping to start as soon as possible!

The Quest overview would be as such. A party of characters is hired by a church of a deity (the deity will depend on the party) to retrieve a lost artifact associated with that god. The party is to retrieve that item from temple ruins and if they do shall be rewarded by the god themselves. Though dont expect it to be to straight forward with a simple task turning into a noble/sinister quest.

The Godly Quest and The Hag Cult